Admin Modules

Detect Multiple Accounts
Fraudsters and spammers often create multiple accounts with different IPs and then uses your service for spam, phishing or causing other damages.

This module uses cookies to identify if a customer has multiple accounts. If a multiple account is detected, various notifications or actions can be performed.

The module has a plugin system with which you can add your own actions to run on a detection.
Automated Saluation
Customers love personal care, they do not just want to be a number in the system. With personal salutation in inquiries, your answer looks much more personal than if your salutation just is "Hello".

Even worse it becomes when you do not have a salutation at all. That is just unfriendly.

With this module the appropriate salutation get inserted automatically. Salutations can be defined for multiple languages. If a language is not defined, it will use the defined fallback language.
Support Ticket to Progress
When a customer opens a ticket, it usually get read by the support very quickly. But - depending on the priority - the support request does not get immediately answered.

With this addon, the status of tickets get automatically changed to "In Progress" when a staff member opens a ticket.
Stop Clients Closing Tickets
With this module it is possible to specificate tickets which should not get closed by the client.

This is useful when you create a ticket and you want ensure that he dont just close the ticket and about forget about it (e.g. abuse reports).
Extended Domain Reminders
The domain reminder module is a drop-in replacement for the standard whmcs reminder system. It works by default without any adjustments to the mail templates.

The module allows meaningful domain expiry reminder mails and allows the use of many additional variables to create personalized emails. The number of reminders can be set using the module admin page. For each reminder you can choose your own mail template and subject.

It does also allow to send grouped reminders instead of an individual reminder for each domain.
Service Notifications
Service Notifications is ideally suited for products that do not have their own server module and require manual intervention. The module is similar to the Auto Release module of WHMCS, but offers further configuration options.

The biggest advantage is, that the admin tickets are not created via the customer account, as in the Auto Release module of WHMCS, but via a customer specified by you, which acts as a bot. This way the customer can not close the ticket created by WHMCS so that you overlook the message.

You can create individual admin notifications with your own text for each product on product creation, suspension, unsuspension and termination.
Admin Login Notify & Security
With this module the WHMCS Admin Login can be further secured. Via an interface you can select from which countries the administrative login is allowed for each user account. Furthermore it can be optionally defined, that the login is blocked if the login is from an unknown country.
A definable whitelist and blacklist of IP addresses helps to meet specific application purposes.

With a special button in the module the WHMCS administrator can see which logins were suspicious. In case of a suspicious login it will not only be recorded and, if configurated, blocked, but also notifications can be sent via the WHMCS Notification System.