Custom WHMCS Development

We would be pleased to make you an offer for the development of a customized software solution.
After sending the request, you will receive an offer within a few hours.


We are happy to develop customized solutions for WHMCS. We develop modules, hooks, payment gateways and registrar modules.


We can convert WHMCS modules to Blesta or develop completely new modules for you. Please note that we do not create Blesta themes.

Managed Services

With >15 years of experience in the hosting industry, we are the perfect partner for linux based automation solutions or technical consultations.

FAQ If you have additional questions, please contact our support

Every project is different, so no generally valid answer can be given. In our offer, the estimated development time is mentioned. If the project is time-critical, please mention this in the request.
WHMCS: We guarantee compatibility from WHMCS version 7.2 to the latest WHMCS version. If you are using an older version of WHMCS, please mention this in the project description.
PHP: Our developments are compatible with PHP 5.6 to 7.3 by default.
For each development, you get a one-year maintenance contract for the existing code, which ensures that the code will work for future WHMCS versions. If within one year after completion of the project the code is not compatible with a new WHMCS version, the necessary adaptations will be done free of charge within 3 working days, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Based on our experience so far it is relatively unlikely that the code we have developed will not work with a new WHMCS version. This is partly because we prefer to develop our own classes and functions (of course only where it makes sense) rather than using the standard ones of WHMCS, because the probability is higher that the functionality of the inbuilt classes will change. Naturally, an incompatibility with new versions can not be completely ruled out, WHMCS is constantly evolving and possibly more profound changes are made by WHMCS in the feature.
We program object-oriented (OOP) and format according to the PSR standards. You will receive a well documented and structured code. Our tasks also include the design of the frontend, i.e. what you or your customers will see. We like to use javascript technologies like AJAX to create the best possible user experience.

Special emphasis is placed on the security of the code. We are aware of the typical attack factors such as privilege escalation, LFI/RFI and XSS attacks. We pay attention to follow best security practices and the correct validation of requests and user input.
Yes, you will get access to a git repository where you can follow the development process.¹ Depending on the scope of the project, you will receive regular reports from us to give us your feedback.
¹ Unless otherwise agreed, only possible with full payment in advance.
After full payment, you receive the source code unencrypted and all rights are transferred to you. Your code will never be reused, given or sold again by us. It is your property.
According to the statistics in WHMCS we have an average response time of 4.28 hours last month. In the current month, the average response time is 1.25 hours.
This information is automatically updated daily and reflects the actual response time.
Currently we do not offer the creation of WHMCS themes.
Please describe the planned project. The more precise the description is, the better we can coordinate our offer.
What does a good description look like?

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