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Dedicated Server Management (NOC-PS for WHMCS)
With NOC-PS For WHMCS your customers can manage Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers using the NOC-PS server provisoring system. The modules does provide hassle-free management of servers for hosters and customers. Additionally the module offers features like our IPMI and KVM proxy.

The module does support auto setup for new orders. Configurable Options are supported too. With our server manager at the module administration you can set the valid configurable option values for each server.

Backup Manager For WHMCS (FreeNAS / TrueNAS)
This module enables the automatic provisioning of backup storage. The module uses FreeNAS / TrueNAS, a popular operating system for managing backups.

Especially handy is that it uses ZFS as a file system and therefore brings a lot of advantages over ext4 and other file systems.

It supports all popular types of access such as NFS, iSCSI, Samba, FTP, SSH.

Creation and restores of snapshots are also possible, making it possible to quickly return to a previous point if something was accidentally deleted or something went wrong.
Multiple Free Domains
With this module you can offer your customers several free domains per product. With the ACL groups you can determine exactly which domain functions the customer has access to.

The number of free domains can be set per product and differently per payment cycle to make prepayments more attractive. In addition, the number of free domains and the allowed domain extensions can be setted for every product and client individually.
Auto Login From Mails
This module does provide Auto-Login Links for your WHMCS mails.

You can modify your existing links in your mail templates by just adding &{$modautologin} to authenticate the user automatically when he opens a link to an invoice or other pages.

The authentication does work for every WHMCS page, even on custom module pages. The module offers a wide range of settings to suit every purpose.
Share WHMCS Shopping Cart
With this module your customers can share the cart or save it for later. Furthermore, it is possible that the employees share a shopping cart. This is ideal if the customer wants a ready-made solution, but can not find his way.

This module is also ideal for advertising as it allows you to share preconfigured shopping baskets.
Bonus for Paymentcycles for WHMCS
With this thoughtful module longer payment cycles become more attractive for your clients because it adds automatically a defined period to the products next due date. The bonus is apparent during the ordering process and the bonus gets also confirmed by e-mail after receipt of payment.

Lot of configurable options. For more informations, click on 'Informations' Button
Support Verification PIN for WHMCS
Easy verification of your clients via PIN code. Client generate his pin at the customer panel and give the pin to your live chat or telephone supporter so they can identificate the customer and verify that it is a valid request..

At configuration you can specificate which employees have access to all generated pins. If an employee is not specificated he needs to use the search mask to check the pin.
Ticket Feedback Mail Manager
If you send automatic ticket feedback mails when you close a ticket, in some situations you better would not want to send the automated mail

With this module the feedback mail can be deactivated or activated directly on the supportticket page. You can exclude single tickets and also the entire customer from ticket feedback mails.
IP Login History
With this module you are able to track the login IP addresses of your clients. This is useful for law enforcement requests or to detect fraud easier. If an WHMCS Admin uses the "Login as Client" feature, the login will not be logged. Therefore, only client logins gets logged.
Cancel Fund Invoices
With this module your customers can cancel add funds invoices using a link. The link is visible directly on the invoice.

Furthermore, credit invoices can be canceled automatically after a configured number of days.
Product Descriptions For Clients
With this module, your customers can add their own descriptions to the products in the product list. This is especially useful if a customer has many products or resells your products.

The installation is easy and no changes are needed in your WHMCS template. The module adds the descriptions automatically.
Hide Client Products
Using these modules you can completely hide selected client products from the clientarea. The module operates at client service level, so you can individually choose which of the client's products to hide.
Dependent Configurable Options For WHMCS
This module for WHMCS allows to create dependencies between the configurable options of WHMCS. With the rule builder, dependencies can also be defined among each other, so that very complex rules can be created.

The module is built in such a way that no template changes are necessary in the clientarea.